Thursday, December 20, 2007

I walk with Isabella up and down the stairs on occasion. She will grab my hand and lead me down the stairs. As we walk down I count the number of steps.

I say "one" and she'll say "tooh".
Then I'll say "two" and she'll say "twee".
And then I'll say "four" and she'll say "tooh"...

So, she can count to three. I haven't actually heard her say "one" yet, but I still think she's a GENIUS!!!

Video: Frustration and the word "No"

These videos are a little old. I think they're from early November and in baby-land that's ages ago. I was having problems with my computer, but here they are.

The first video was the first sign of Isabella's frustration. For the past month I wasn't sure if it was her personality or the stage she's currently in; but, then Ed got scared that maybe she got that from him. Boy does he get frustrated. Keep complicated and expensive stuff away from him or else it might get broken.

This video shows Isabella using "no" for the first time. At first it started out as a simple "no" and then it progressed to a string of no's and today it is with force and frustration. When she uses it, she means it. Sometimes she'll say no when I help her. But other times she'll say it out of the blue without any interaction with someone else. I think she is practicing it for future use!!!! I have to say it was a little cute back then (in the video), but comment.

Scrapblog is Fun!

Okay the title says it all. I stumbled onto Scrapblog and think its fantastic for people who like to dress up their pictures but aren't as artistic to do the real thing. I love it. I've only played around with it a few times, but it looks like a lot of fun for future projects. When I have actual projects completed, I'll have to share.

Just Pictures

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I figured if I don't do them now then I'll never get around to it.

Happy Holidays

I will do my best to get some new pictures up on the blog. Until then have a safe and fun holiday with your friends and family.

The Kremer Family