Christmas at Daycare

Friday, January 15, 2010

I had to miss out on the Christmas party at the kids daycare, but I sent Ed with the camera. It sounded like a fun time with the Russian elf? Ed said he could hardly understand what he was saying. If only Ed knew how to take video's I could hear for myself. Isabella had a great time being the Russian Elf's assistant in all the tricks.

Isabella's Dance Class

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We've been taking Isabella to Creation Station in Studio City for a few months now. We absolutely love it, despite the early Saturday morning wake up call. It took us nearly a year to get in to this place. I tested another place before getting into Creation Station and this one rocks! The parents are not allowed in the dance rooms, but we have small one-way windows to watch our kids. It is perfect. At the other dance place, they had the parents in the room and and kids couldn't detach themselves from the parents. It was such a nightmare.

Right before Halloween and Christmas the kids do a mini recital. Here's pics from the recent recital.

Dance Recital Part 1

Part 2

After each session the girls all get a stamp or sticker on the hands.

After dance class we took the kids out to breakfast.

(And yes, Isabella is still a mama's girl)

It still amazes me how the kids look so much alike. They are so yummy. I'm such a proud mama.

Thanksgiving Week

Ed's parents came over for Thanksgiving week. And boy are we thankful. During our days off we got so much accomplished. After moving out to LA almost two years ago and living through a remodel, we've finally unpacked the garage. I finally found my long lost boxes of shoes and purses. And guess what? I ended up donated 3/4 of them to Goodwill. It was good to clean out the garage and purge of stuff we didn't need anymore. We now can fit one car in the garage. We still have a few boxes to unpack, but we're getting there.

We took the kids out and of course Isabella insisted we do the "train, pony ride and then park." So we did.

Caught red handed! I was wondering why the sudden change in Isabella's attitude!

This winter really marked a turning point with Isabella. There used to be some tension with Isabella and both sets of grandparents. By the end of this trip, Isabella learned to have fun with her grandparents. It was really sweet to watch her play with them.

Ethan's a bruiser

Last December was Ethan's 15 month appointment. I couldn't go so Ed took him on his own (a first for either kids).

15th month stats:
Height: 30 inches, 15th percentile
Weight: 23.1 lbs, 27th percentile

Doctor: So, is Ethan walking yet?
Ed: Nope

Doctor: Is he saying five or more words?
Ed: Um...he says "mama", "dada" and "hi" uh nope

Doctor: Is he drinking from a sippy cup?
Ed: Nope

Doctor: Has he been introduced to utensils, like fork and spoon yet?
Ed: Nope

Doctor: Well...don't worry. He'll pick it up soon.

The good news is he's healthy, happy and he's proportionate. Though he still looks like a bruiser, he's actually pretty small for his age. Speaking of bruiser, Ed picked up Ethan from school one day and was livid when he saw Ethan.

Apparently Ethan was playing with something and it fell on his face? Not sure all the details, but Ed was pissed off and let them know. But look at what a trooper he is! If he's in pain, he hardly ever lets you know it.

Train, pony and then park

Ed took Isabella out on a little father-daughter excursion. We both decided we wanted to see how she'd take to a pony ride. In the car Isabella says, "okay daddy, we go on the train first, then pony ride and then the park. Okay?"

She loved the pony ride. Now she asks if we can do the "train, pony and then park."