Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Though it's not halloween yet, I'm sure most people have already begun their celebrations. I got out of the house yesterday without Isabella to get my hair done and my hairstylist asked what my plans were for halloween...ha ha...that would be feed, burp and put Isabella to sleep. I recently purchased a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissburg. I'm attempting to "sleep train" Isabella now to prepare for my return back to work and to prevent any poor sleep habits from forming. We are in the beginning stages right now, but I'm hoping that soon I will once again have a "happy baby!"

Back to halloween, on Thursday Christine and I took Isabella to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin for Christine's pumpkin carving party. Friday was the party and I would love to say that all of us had a great time, but...well Ed conked out on Chris' bed from staying out way too late the night before and late work nights and Isabella started to fuss and cry. Eventually she calmed down enough to wear her in the Baby Bjorn so I could carve my pumpkin. I had a good time anyway and had fun carving. Thanks Christine for throwing the party. I can't wait to see the pictures that Kelly took. Here are some pictures from the past few days.

Before the party, I dressed Izzy up in her costume.
She didn't like wearing it much, so off it went.

Christine's cat, Mr. Kitty.

Mine is the tall face in the middle.
Bummer, that I didn't win or even come in the top 4.
boo hoo hoo

Wine club is back!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Our wine club is back again. Too bad I didn't take any pictures. This was Isabella's first all evening outing. I was a little apprehensive considering how fussy she's been getting at night, but Ed really wanted to get out of the house. So our goal was to make it past three hours. I'm thrilled to say that she was awesome. She slept most of the time. We brought a bottle to feed her and she took it well. Ed fed her and held her for two hours as she looked around the place in slow-mo (slow motion). She gets that way after she eats sometimes..it's like a food coma. She didn't cry once the entire night. And as we do at most parties, we closed it and were the last to leave.

Thanks Jenn for hosting a great wine party. We had lots of fun drinking those fantastic wines. I'm happy to be sampling 'em again!!!

Next outing? Hmm...well today Isabella was awake and alert more than other days. She fed little but very often (almost felt like that's all I did today). Moo! Daddy is trying to soothe her as we speak, but of course she won't go down to bed. We're going to attempt to go to Chris' pumpkin carving party this Friday...we shall see.

Daddy and Izzy bonding

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Isn't this cute. I was getting the bath ready and Ed calls me over to see how they are bonding. I love it! BTW, she loved the bath last night. She was so relaxed that she actually fell asleep during the bath. That is until we took her out in the cold air...boy can she wail.

To grandmother's house we go...

Yesterday we drove out to my parents house so Izzy could spend some time at Grandma and Grandpa's. She loved it. She was awake and alert most of the afternoon. My mom says she looks more and more like Ed, especially in the eyes and forehead. I have to agree. She has his big round eyes.

Now with my parents retirement it's nice to see them more relaxed and enjoying life. My mom has been so helpful taking Izzy off my hands every opportunity she can. It's great to see her so involved. Their house is very relaxing I can't wait to go back when they return from their visit to see their other grandson, Asher.

Izzy: someone's got to tell grandma that
something is attacking her head.

Izzy: Those shiny things hanging from the trees are so mesmerizing.

Side note: my dad built this great coy pond in his backyard with at least 20 fish. He also put two nets over; the first is to keep the leaves out and the second is to keep the hawk out. He also has "decorated" the tree with CD's to keep the hawk away from the fish. Apparently, several fish have been devoured by this hawk. Who knew there were hawks in Garden Grove.

More pictures with grandma and grandpa...

Attempt at the bottle

So we attempted the bottle again for the second time. The first time was very successful...made me feel a little sad to give my baby a bottle. But I was happy at the same time that Ed gets to have some father-daughter time.

The second attempt was not so successful. I had to help calm Isabella down and then of course she turned to me to feed her instead of taking the bottle. Next time, I'll have to stay away until she gets used to being fed by a bottle.

She's a month old

Friday, October 13, 2006

Yesterday marked Isabella's one month milestone. This past week has been a roller coaster. She is much more alert throughout the day; I just wish she weren't fussy the entire time. Anytime she is awake she is kicking around, grunting, crying and wanting to be held and comforted. As I'm researching online, I begin to self diagnose her discomfort. I think it may be my diet. Many asian babies are intolerant of the proteins in cow's milk. On Sunday, we noticed a rash developing on her face and it seemed to spread to her cheeks and ears. So as of now I've cut out all dairy products to see if she is more comfortable.

Her fussiness seems to get worse and worse at night. As a new mom, I of course make the first appointment I can with the doctor. Well, the visit was yesterday and the good news is that she now weighs 9lbs. 11oz. (with her clothes and diaper on). So I know she is feeding well!!! The bad news...the doctor has no explanation for the rash. And he doesn't comfort me much with her fussiness other than to say that it is normal (not something a new mom wants to hear; no...we want to hear that the doctor is concerned, looking into the problem and finds a cure!) Well, gotta run...the baby calls.

Izzy and company

Friday, October 06, 2006

Just some pictures of Izzy and her new friends and family.

Tia Julia

Uncle Gar

Auntie Merah
Grandma Chung
Oakley friends Nicole and Megan

Mommy's making sleepy Izzy dress up and take pictures:
Are we done yet?Peace out homies

Save on online purchases

Monday, October 02, 2006

Since being home I've had a lot more time to surf the net and browse online. If you ever make purchases online, which I'm sure a majority of you readers do, always search for coupons before making your final purchase. I Googled "(online store name) coupons" and found coupon codes. www.couponcabin.com is one that I used to make a purchase at Babies R Us. I think I saved 25% off. The coupons do expire but they post new codes all the time.

Thank you Baba!

Thank you Baba Eva for helping us out for the first two weeks of Izzy's arrival. She can't wait for your next visit. Making me breakfast every morning and making sure we ate at every mealtime was invaluable. For those of you that don't know, Ed's an only child and his dad is an only child. So Isabella's arrival has been a long awaited event, but I think it was worth the wait.


Last night was Isabella's second tub bath and we are so happy that she loved it. Her nasty
diaper rash is starting to go away. And I'm happy to report that her gassy issues have settled down quite a bit. I guess I will be laying off any bean by product while I'm breastfeeding her.

Today is our first day alone. Ed's mom flw home on Saturday. So far so good. She has been sleeping and eating very well, waking up every three and a half hours to feed. We went for our late morning walk. I've managed to put a load of laundry in the washer. Later I will attempt to take Izzy to the grocery store. I feel like a domestic goddess! LOL.