Izzy's Birthday - Part 1

Sunday, October 04, 2009

We had a combo family birthday celebration for all the kids at Merah's house. Merah made yummy BBQ and we had way too much food on the table. Isabella got to open her presents and help with Ethan's presents. She immediately claimed all presents as her own, in fact, Ethan's presents are still in her room. Thankfully Ethan is such a gentle and easy-going fella that he doesn't seem to mind it yet.

Thanks for all the goodies family.

Ann, what are you doing to my child? He looks freaked out, but was had so much fun.

The following week we threw Isabella a royal tea dress up party. It was so much fun. I'm waiting for some pictures from the other moms, but I'll post it soon.

Three and One Year Stats

Izzy has turned another year older and Ethan turned one. I combined their doctor's visit and made Ed come with me this time. They both had shots and were troopers. Izzy actually likes going to the doctor's and playing with the playhouse in the waiting room. So here are their latest stats:

Isabella at 3 years
Weight: 30 lbs, 44th percentile
Height: 38 inches, 74th percentile
The percentiles have been pretty much consistent since birth.

Ethan at 13 months
Weight: 22 lbs, 38th percentile
Height: 29 inches, 20th percentile
Believe it or now his weight and height have been slowing down. I've noticed him slimming down a bit with all the crawling around. Hmm...wonder when he'll start walking? No rush.