Video: Ethan's Walking!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah, finally the day has come. He's been slow to walk, but he's finally doing it. It seems like he's catching up in all areas. Suddenly, he's also much more talkative.

Other pics from a play date with a friend from work.

This is her and her son. She just had a baby girl six weeks ago. Doesn't she look amazing???

Video: Ethan Loves Bananas

Ethan loves eating bananas. He's such a little piggy.

Protective Big Sis

It's March and 80 degrees outside so we took the kids to Griffith Park last weekend. The kids were playing in the sand with some other kids sand toys.

A little boy was coming over to take back his sand toys and look at Isabella's reaction. It was the cutest thing. I'm not sure what she was thinking he was going to do, but her natural instinct was to protect her little brother. It was so sweet.

President's Day Play Date

I took the day off of work to take care of the kids on President's Day. A friends from my mom's group invited us to a play date at the Little Barn in Downtown LA. Cute little place, emphasis on little (I didn't take any pics of the main room). But it's enough for my kids. Izzy loved the ball room and slowly built up enough courage to jump in.

PS. Occasionally the Little Barn sends out emails about openings on the weekends. Most indoor playgrounds are closed over the weekends to accommodate for private parties. This is such an annoyance to us working parents that want to take kids out on a rainy day or if you have a little one that's just learning to walk. We need more indoor play spaces open on the weekends!

Note to self: when you have two little kids eating ice cream it works out a lot better if they get the same thing. Izzy got Dreyer's Dibs and Nate got an ice cream cone. As you can see in the picture they ended up switching and wanting to switch several times.

Valentine's Day

Izzy helped me make some sugar cookies. Note to self: put dough in the refrigerator overnight to harden. I put it in for only an hour and kept having to add flour so they became more like shortbread. Good thing I made a huge batch and only botched one small section.

Don't know what's up with Izzy's smile. She was like that in several pictures.

PS. Don't you love our matching aprons. I found them at Anthropologie. I love that store.

It was such a beautiful day we took the kids to Malibu to enjoy a little outdoor play.

Ethan's Big Boy Room

In preparation for the new baby, we purchased Ethan's new big boy furniture a little early. He still sleeps in the crib and I anticipate it will be a while before he makes the switch to his big boy bed. Ed couldn't help himself with the furniture. He's had his eye on this set for years before even having a boy. So when we found the set through Craigslist we had to jump on it.

Birthday Parties

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We went to celebrate a few friends birthdays. First was mean Sleeping Beauty. Isabella still refers to her as Sleeping Beauty.

Then we celebrated Nathan's birthday at the Westwood Park. Even though it's across town, I love that park.

Isabella and Rebecca (at Nate's birthday she was Tinker Bell, but Izzy kept calling her Sleeping Beauty, lol.)

Ringing in the New Year - Hello 2010

Ed and I went to a neighbors house for New Years. That's the best kind of set up. Two houses over. No driving. Love it.

For New Year's weekend we spent it with Merah and Chris in Chris' fabulous Palm Springs pad. The weather was perfect. We even got in the pool.

We took the kids to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. It was awesome and the weather was just perfect for it. Isabella saw the giraffes and said, "Mommy, look it's Melman. But he doesn't talk."

Talk about wild life, Ed and I were watching the ostrich and noticed some weird behavior. One of the ostrich was fan his wings side to side. I thought he was dancing. He did it for a few minutes and then jumped on another ostrich! We saw them fornicate!!! Ewwww....Wasn't quite fast enough to capture it with the camera. It probably would have been too graphic anyhow. If you look closely, you'll see a cig in the ostrich's mouth...just kidding.

We were surprised at how brave Isabella was to pet the goats considering how she freaked out with Susan and Michael's dog (we still feel pretty bad about that. Sorry Susan and Michael for putting your dog outside).

Christmas 2009

Better late than never right? Yes, it is March and I'm only now posting pics from Christmas at the Kremer resident.

We hosted another Christmas...blah blah blah...enjoy the pics.

It was hysterical when Merah, Jack and Chris drove up. They had to drive across LA with the top down and the heater blowing full blast to fit all the presents in the car.

I think everyone scored this year. You would never have guessed the economy has fallen by the looks of all the nice gifts.

And now the presents...Isabella really enjoyed Christmas this year. She loved opening up the gifts and immediately played with every single gift. There was not one gift she didn't enjoy.

For the past few years, we have been exchanging wish lists for Christmas to make shopping a little easier. Jack had several games on his list. Oddly enough he got two games that weren't on his list. But the best present had to be the Snuggie.

Izzy got a ton of dress-up and pretend play food. She loves, loves, loves them all.

We didn't go big the last few years for Isabella because she was so little what could she possibly need. So this year we splurged and bought her a cute, pink kitchen. The boys did a fine job assembling it while maintaining their sanity.