85 degrees

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's February and 85 degrees outside!!! Ed and I decided to take Isabella out for a walk to have brunch at this great crepes restaurant near the San Clemente pier. What started out as a walk to brunch turned into an all day fair. I think we walked around 5 miles today. It was so beautiful out and the new trails along the ocean is breathtaking.

When we got back we decided today would be the day to start solids. It's hard to say if she liked it or not. She would open her mouth to the spoon, but the cereal would just pour right back out again. A few times it looked like she was "chewing", but it would dribble back out. We filmed it and need to get it up online. By the end of the night Isabella was tuckered.

Last weekend was my dad's 73rd birthday. My sisters, Ed and I took him out to lunch. I took mostly video footage of the day, but here are a few pics.

Other random pics:

It's been too long

Friday, February 09, 2007

I know, I know. So much time has passed since I've posted an update. Work has been busy. We just had our annual retail conference in San Diego, CA. Boy did I have fun. Ed took care of Isabella all by himself for two whole (working days). And of course, they didn't miss me one bit. He did good all by himself. I cracked up when he told me how the first night went. Let me first preface with this. Since bringing Isabella home from the hospital I gave Ed an out from waking up in the middle of the night since I nurse her. So he's become accustom to sleeping right through her cries. Well, on his first night alone with Isabella he hardly slept a wink and she only woke up once at 4AM. Poor guy. I can picture him startling himself out of paranoia thinking that she may have woken up. Ed and Isabella came down to San Diego and stayed at the hotel with me for two more nights. We used a babysitting service through the hotel and went to my work party, Fire and Ice Ball theme (the fight between good and evil). Ed dressed in all black with a beanie and black makeup with a skull outline. I came as a fairy. It was so much fun. I had a little too much to drink...what a surprise. Hey, when they offer a martini bar with top shelf vodka I'm all over it. There were so many pictures taken, but I only got a few back to share.

This me and my training gals, Nicole and Megan.

This is me with our CEO, lol. He and my boss came to the party with these deadly tequila and vodka cocktails strapped to their backs. Tells you so much about Oakley. BTW, that's Ed in the background.

Here's Ed and Nicole.

On Isabella's Development
She's growing like a weed. She doesn't feel small anymore. Funny, a co-worker just had his second baby and after holding his little boy he turns to his 3 year daughter and thinks she's huge compared to him. I used to do the same thing with Isabella when I was on my maternity leave. After cradling her in my arms all day and night, I'd get in bed and then roll over to Ed and think dang his head is huge (compared to Isabella), lol.

When she gets to talking she talks up a storm. She loves to laugh. One of these days I will capture it on video. That will be my goal this weekend.

Here are the latest pics of Izzy.

I sat Isabella in her high chair to test it out and get her used to it.

All bundled up and ready to go to Vida's (Isabella's daycare).

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We just got her a Baby Einstein activity center and she loves it.

How can you not love those *crazy eyes*

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