Celebrating Ethan

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ethan is now 6 1/2 months old and has already spoken his first word. Ok, so he doesn't know what he's saying, but he did utter his first word and of course it was "da da" just like Isabella's first words.

When you have your first child you marvel at every little thing they do. You are amazed that a creature so small is learning and doing things for the first time that you do everyday. When you have a second child, you unintentionally "forget" to celebrate these significant details. So here are some things I'd like to celebrate.

  • His first word: da-da

  • He can roll over from his tummy to his back. He's very close to rolling over from his back to his tummy

  • He laughs when he sees someone he likes

  • He likes to stick out his tongue

  • He's very expressive with his face and eyes

  • He's extremely ticklish

  • He's got the best temperament. As much as one can tell from a baby, he's sweet, gentle, good natured and even patient. He hardly cries except if you hold out on food. (I think he takes after me)

  • He can sit up like a tripod and has great balance

  • He reaches for objects and likes to pull things close to examine them

  • He knows how to get the music playing from his saucer

  • He's learning to eat rice cereal and isn't a messy eater...yet

  • He loves his sister. She can get a big open-mouthed smile out of him. And Isabella loves Ethan. It's all so sweet.

I love my little boy. I am lucky.

Everyone's Sleeping

Thank the stars above that all is back to "normal" in the Kremer household. Finally, all kids are sleeping through the night. Isabella still struggles with bedtime. She'd much rather hang out with mommy all night. Mommy is her new flavor of the month. It's all mommy all the time. What about daddy you ask...poor daddy gets the shaft.

Madagascar - aka LA Zoo

We've been cooped up in the house for too long between all the colds. We took the kids to the LA Zoo over the weekend to get some fresh air. Unfortunately, it was a blistering hot day and the zoo was....a zoo. When we got there Isabella kept saying "Madagascar".
We came in and got around to three exhibits and spent most of the time on the playground and headed back home.