Noah's Ark

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On Sunday, we took Isabella to the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center. It was awesome and a lot of fun for us all. It books up fast so I made reservations a week in advance and it was well worth it.

The exhibit showcases animals made from all recyclable materials and repurposed everyday objects. My favorite were the zebras made from the keyboard of a piano and other industrial parts. Isabella had fun seeing, touching and playing with all the animals. I think Ed and I had too much fun at the arts and crafts table as we "helped" Isabella make an ark with cutout animals and cardboard.

After spending a few hours at the Noah's Ark exhibit there was a West African dance and drum performance. It was a lot of high energy dance. The performers got all the kids and parents on the main floor to teach them parts of the dance. All the running around in the exhibit made Isabella sleepy. So we just sat back and watched all the kids learn.

The Skirball is an amazing center with many exhibits to visit. After the dance performance, we checked out the Skirball's core exhibition, Vision and Values: Jewish Life from Antiquity to America. It was fascinating to see how far back the Jewish history traces. It was a fun day. I would highly recommend checking out the Skirball Cultural Center.

I took a couple of videos of Isabella horsing around. She was full of energy as we waited to get into the exhibit. Her new favorite past time is jumping off with two feet - a new milestone for her age.

A friend of mine has the same exact birthday as Isabella, except that he's a whole 30 years older...sorry David. Anyway, he told me that Virgos tend to be motivated, determined, anal retentive and moody. I think I may have added the moody part. But so far, I think he's right. She definitely is determined and has tendencies of wanting to be neat and tidy.

Her other favorite activity is dancing. She loves dancing around and is such a free spirit - aka very independent. She does her own thing and doesn't need mommy and daddy all the time.

This Little Piggy...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Isabella is such the piggy. She'll eat everything in sight and more. At daycare, they tell us how much food she wants to eat. She has breakfast, lunch and dinner at daycare during the week. Then when she comes home she wants to eat some more. Ed and I have stopped eating dinner until after we put her down at 8pm just so she doesn't over eat. And she still asks for food.

Some of her favorites snacks are bagel with cream cheese, nectarine, tangerines, Cherrios and crackers. But she doesn't limit herself to those only. She'll eat anything.

In the video, you can see she can't even be bothered by anything around her.

A few other videos.

She loves to dance and play music. Not sure why she got so shy.

Hot Day at the Pool

For the 4th of July we spent the weekend with Merah and Jack. On Saturday, we went swimming in a pool. We haven't taken Isabella to the pool since last summer and once she got over the initial hesitation she took to it pretty quick.

Of course, she couldn't put her watermelon down while she went for her swim. And she also tried to drink the pool water.

On the 4th of July, grandma and grandpa came over to Merah's for dinner. We all had plans to go see fireworks up the street, but grandma and grandpa decided it was time to leave. Lol.

Oh, and I captured one of her fake cries in action. Below she's happily moving a chair around until she trips and falls to the ground. Notice no tears.

The weekend before we all went to Venice Beach to "smell the ocean" and enjoy the freak show. Something we miss doing when we used to live in San Clemente (smell the ocean, that is). Oh I miss my old house.

Happy Birthday Eva

From Stamford, Connecticut to San Francisco and finally Los Angeles, Ed's parents came down to celebrate Eva's big birthday. For Eva's birthday we had dinner at Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian Hotel and enjoyed the spectacular view. The food was absolutely amazing.

Though it was a short weekend, we did get out of the house to check out the sites from Griffith Park Observatory. I hadn't been there since they've remodeled it. It was hot day and wouldn't have been very pleasant had Isabella not melted down in the Observatory. She's definitely entered a new stage of tantrums, fake crying and melt downs.

A little "gampa" lovin.

Isabella had a great time with grandma and grandpa and misses them when they aren't here.