Super Susan

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Okay, so my sister sent me the funniest video so now I have to embarrass her. Just click on the image below to see Super Susan.

Dress Up

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Isabella received a princess dress-up kit from Susan, Michael and Asher. She loves to put on our shoes and walk around the house. She has perfected walking in my high heels. So I think she is going to love playing princess. At first we took out the necklace and bracelet, which she loved to put on and take off. The princess heels were an instant hit. Then we took out the fairy wings and skirt. She asked for help to put on the wings so I did. Apparently she doesn't like to dress up with clothes on just yet.

I ordered Isabella's Halloween costume early so they didn't run out. When I received it I immediately had to put it on Isabella to make sure it fit. It is so stinkin cute, but she didn't like being in it. I hope she'll wear it on Halloween. (And no, she will not wear the costume with these brown shorts. I got her her first pair of black tights!)

This all reminded me of her first dress-up experience when she was about six weeks old...and it didn't go over well either.

Video: "See you soon"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of our family reunion, but it seems Asher is sick so the trip has been postponed. We hope you feel better Asher.

On some evenings Isabella and I will sit in front of the computer looking at pictures. When she sees someone she knows she'll scream out their names. She can easily identify Jack and grandma (mostly because she's seen them more recently). She'll usually call out "Mewa", sometimes referred to as "Mema", when she sees Merah or Ann's pictures. And know she's learning to identify other family members like Baba, Deda, Susan, Michael and Asher.

"What's this?"

Isabella is always asking "what's this?". After a gazillion "what's this" it was getting pretty old, but then I realized this was how Isabella is learning new words and identifying objects.

Bath night

I forgot to post pictures of Ethan's first bath night after he lost his umbilical cord. I've been bathing Isabella and Ethan at the same time. I start with Isabella in the big tub. After she's all clean I let her play in the tub while I bath Ethan in the small tub.

Other random pictures:

Do you see the resemblance?

"Hello winkle in"

Tonight Isabella mutters "hello winkle in". At first I think, does she mean "hello welcome in?" so I ask her to repeat it. Then I realized she's saying "halloween coming". Lol, she learns so much at school.