85 degrees

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's February and 85 degrees outside!!! Ed and I decided to take Isabella out for a walk to have brunch at this great crepes restaurant near the San Clemente pier. What started out as a walk to brunch turned into an all day fair. I think we walked around 5 miles today. It was so beautiful out and the new trails along the ocean is breathtaking.

When we got back we decided today would be the day to start solids. It's hard to say if she liked it or not. She would open her mouth to the spoon, but the cereal would just pour right back out again. A few times it looked like she was "chewing", but it would dribble back out. We filmed it and need to get it up online. By the end of the night Isabella was tuckered.

Last weekend was my dad's 73rd birthday. My sisters, Ed and I took him out to lunch. I took mostly video footage of the day, but here are a few pics.

Other random pics: