Proof is in the pudding

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This is the proof that Christine asked for in yesterday's post. Interestingly enough, I captured this video yesterday as it was happening, but I didn't think it was good enough. But it'll do for now until I can capture it on my camera.

Yesterday, when Isabella was chatting it up in the car, I tried to record her. Whenever I try using my cell phone it becomes a distraction and she stops what she's doing to check out the phone. So in this video, you'll notice that I'm trying to slowly bring up the phone. In the very beginning she says "dog" and then the "wuh-wuh-wuh". Yes, I did coach her on it at first until I knew she understood what I was asking for. I'll try to get that on video later.

The second video was taken last month (9/20/07). You can hear her saying "Alex" and "wuh-wuh-wuh". But at the time, she didn't associate the "wuh-wuh-wuh" to a least not that I know of.


Ratdog said...

So cute! Asher's bark sounds like "bahp bahp baph." He's now making "woo woo" sounds like his Thomas train... And then he has a "room room" for vroom. I just love it!

Christine said...

Hmmm...suspect. Take more videos.

Lydia said...

I see what you're trying to do. I'll keep posting more videos. We're going to a wedding in Santa Barbara this weekend, so hopefully we'll have more fun pictures and videos.