Boy or Girl?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Other big news that deserves a post of its own. On Friday, I had my second ultrasound. I am now about 18 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy. My due date is still expected to be September 1. The doctor asked if I wanted to know the sex...uh...duh. YES! I love hearing about friends that left it for a surprise, but not me. I want to know the sex of the baby so I can start visualizing him or her right away.

Let me first start by saying the baby is in good health so far. The baby weighs approximately 8 oz and all the heart, brain and all vital organs are looking solid. it a boy or girl? I'm not going to say, instead take a look at the pictures and see if you can tell.

Baby's First Picture

Did you figure it out yet?


Ratdog said...

So much for that first ultrasound lady's guess!

Call Family said...

well I'll just echo what my ob said with my first childs ultrasound:

"If thats not a penis then thats the biggest clitoris I've ever seen!" hee hee:)