Catching Up in March

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm more than a month behind on some pictures so enjoy.

We took the kids to Sesame Street presents The Body at Hollywood and Highland. It was a small venue, but it was fun and educational. I'm not sure Isabella understood anything yet, but it was entertaining. Izzy is really into Elmo so we thought taking a picture with him would be fun...maybe not.

Grandma came over to watch the kids while Ed and I went out for an adult dinner for my birthday.

Ed and I went out to eat at Osteria Mozza. Despite our late reservations and eating at 11pm, the food was good. The best part was the mozzarella bar. Mine was delicioso.

I decided to surprise Ed and dress Ethan up for the first Red Sox v. Angels game. If Isabella had an Angels outfit I would have dressed her up too. I'm trying to keep the rivalry between the boys and girls in our household.

I let Ed sleep in so as I was feeding Ethan I noticed how quiet the house was only to see Isabella walk in looking like this...yikes!

Since neither of us are religious, we took the kids to our local village for an Easter egg hunt. It's nearly impossible to take pictures of Isabella smiling. But look at her face as she's about to devour her first Peeps. Yummy...

What you're not seeing in these pics was the scare we had on this day. Isabella, the rambunctious and listening-challenged, decided to try to play chase and run out and into the street. I had Ethan in my arms thankfully Ed ran caught up and caught her right as a car stomped on the brakes. Our hearts stopped. Will she learn...doubtful.

It seems no kids like adults dressed up like animals. Funny, this bunny had bright pink lipstick and decided to belch as we sat down next to her. Thank god she didn't smell of alcohol.

When we got home Ethan was tired and conked out in the middle of our laundry (yes, it is clean).

Ethan went on the swings for the first time and loved it!


Ratdog said...

They're both so big! Izzie's adorable. Love the pigtails. The Red Sox outfit looks familiar, but I think Asher was a year before he wore it!

Christine said...

Okay...Ed LOVES that hat.

Merah said...

Ethan looks like a bruiser. Watch out!