Leaving On A Jet Plane

Thursday, September 03, 2009

So, I'm a little behind on my posts. Let's go back to the end of August. We took a trip back east and took the kids on a plane for the first time. On the way out we took a red-eye and took a morning flight on the way back. OMG, I will only take red-eyes with the kids from now on. They didn't sleep long on the flight at night; however, they were quiet and tame. On the morning flight back...we were "that" family. The Virgin America flight attendants were so nice to come over to entertain and distract Isabella. BTW, boarding Virgin America was like entering a club. It's such a different flight experience with the dark vibe and purple lights. All the seats were white leather, though they only reclined one inch, we each had private TVs with free satellite feed, another saving grace with small kids.

The trip started out in Stamford, Connecticut where we stayed with Ed's parents, Leo and Eva (and we can't forget the little hot dog eating Dachshund, Charlie). It was hot and HUMID in CT. Yuck. But the green trees were breathtaking. You don't see a lot of those in LA.

Then we headed for what was supposed to be a two-hour trip to Northborough, MA. After a little fussiness between the two kids, they finally fell fast asleep. It ended up taking five hours to get to Susan and Michael's house.

The first thing we had to do was jump in the pool...that is everyone but the moms.

Asher's a great swimmer.

A little Michael and Izzy love.

It looks like Isabella's a giant, but she's actually sitting on Asher a little (though I think she stands about four inches taller than Asher).

After swimming the kids got dry. There were two red chairs that were about 5 feet apart. The kids gradually brought them closer and closer together so they were right next to each other. The kids were so stinkin' cute together.

Isabella and Asher had a great time together. Asher is three weeks older than Isabella. So, it was perfect seeing the two cousins play together. They got along well for the most part with a few sharing battles here and there.

The main reason for the trip was to see the newest member of the family, Eviana (Evie). She's a little cutie. Some how my sister Susan must have stronger genes as both kids actually look Asian. Though Evie looks more like Michael's side of the family. She's so sweet and chubby. She's a lot more like Ethan...watch out Susan.

Ethan was a good little boy just crawling around the house and getting close to the dog. The poor dog, Raven. Isabella is suddenly scared of all dogs and poor old Raven got kicked out of her own home to the hot, humid outdoors.

We made it out to the park to let out a little energy, but mostly we stayed at the house. It's a bit much to get out of the house with two preschoolers, a crawler and an infant. We had to take two cars just to get out of the house for the park!

We did manage to get out for an afternoon at Davis' Farmland. It was great fun for us all. We fed all goats, lamas, bulls and sheep. At lunch we found a perfect spot near the water park. Isabella had to get in right away before eating. We wish we had a place like this back home.

And then they had lunch. I love this picture of Asher and Izzy. I look at Izzy and think how grown up she looks and then I look at the expression on Asher's face and it cracks me up. Asher is the little man of many expressions. He may just grow up to be an actor or something...

We headed back to Connecticut and then back to California. The trip back was just awful. We left on a morning flight. Neither of the kids slept. Izzy had a meltdown. And when we finally arrived in LA, it was only noon. We still had a full day of the kids! We were exhausted and needed a vacation from our "vacation."


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We miss you guys!