Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Sunday, November 26, 2006

This afternoon during tummy time Isabella rolled over from her tummy onto her back all by herself!!!! It was so exciting to watch and Ed's dad was there to witness it all. Ed, however, missed it because he had to run to the grocery store. Tomorrow, Ed's mom's flying in for the week. She say Isabella when she was just four days old so I'm sure she will marvel at the difference since then.

Since we have been working on Isabella's sleep routine she has been so much more pleasant during the day. She is such a happy baby when she is well rested. She goes down to bed around 7:30pm. At her bedtime we've chosen to let her cry it out. We've been doing it about for two weeks. And now after about 20 (sometimes 30 and sometimes 10) minutes she's out for the night. It was very hard to do the first few times, but it has gotten easier to deal with. We just try to escape to another part of the house where we can't hear it. It pains Ed's dad to hear, but it is the decision that Ed and I decided to make together and it's been working for us.