Two month appointment

Friday, November 17, 2006

Isabella is due for her immunization shots!!! Yikes. I don't know if I'm prepared for this. Ed can't come because of a meeting conflict. So I'm braving it alone with Izzy. I hear the shots aren't so bad; it's the aftermath that's terrible.

On Isabella's development
She smiles more and more everyday. She is most fun to play with in the morning until around 2pm. When 3pm hits, it gets a little grizzly around here. But everyday is a little different. Some are better than others. My Apple computer is down at the moment, but once it is fixed I will post more videos and pictures.

Last Tuesday, she fell asleep a little later than usual with nighttime fussiness, but she slept an entire seven hours straight. After going to bed at 9:20pm she didn't wake up to feed until 4:45am!!!! Woo hoo! There hasn't been a repeat of that performance yet, but I am hopeful. Lately she has been sleeping at 8:30pm and wakes up at 1:30am, then at 5:00am, then around 7:45am. But it is so much better than every two hours like the early weeks after birth.

Well, we're off to see the doctor. Wish us luck.