Everybody's Sick

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aside from the trip to Napa, we've all been couped up in the house down with the cold that won't go away. Isabella had it first, then gave it to Ed, and then gave it to me. Ed and Isabella got better, but then I (or someone from her daycare) got Isabella sick again. And now, the fog has finally lifted from my head. I am finally feeling better. Isabella, however, has only gotten progressively worse.

I took her to the doctor's last week and, of course, the doctor says it's just a cold. She had a runny nose for weeks, a new cough that just begun, and a persisting fever that wouldn't go away. She started to feel better by Tuesday. But by Thursday her fever came back again. We monitored her daily, taking her temperature at least 20 times a day. It fluctuated throughout the day from 99.0-101.3. When it seems like its getting better it gets worse. So I finally took her to the doctor's this morning and it's confirmed...she's got a cold and an ear infection. I don't remember getting them when I was young and Ed doesn't remember if he'd gotten them either so we're hoping it's just an isolated case. They tend to be hereditary. Some kids that get them may get them all the time and others never have even one.

Despite all the illness around the house, Isabella has still had moments of lucidity and happiness. She's such a happy baby in general. We have truly been blessed with an easy going baby. Here are some pics that we took in the last few weeks.

I know Ed's got a crazy face in this picture, but look at how Isabella learned to grab on.

Here are some recent shots of Isabella.

The poor thing has liquid coming out of all areas: eyes, nose, and mouth. See the little tear running down her cheek?

Merah and Jack came over last weekend for Easter. We had an Easter egg decorating contest.

I don't mean to brag, but I won first place...that's right people. Look out Martha Stewart. Two of Jack's eggs were tied for second and Merah came in third. Okay, so there were only three of us that entered the contest....and it was judged by us, plus Ed.

Jack being Jack.