Standing Tall

Saturday, July 07, 2007

On Thursday, Isabella stood up for the first time by herself. I was making her dinner and felt her grabbing my pants. She grabbed it so tight it made me squeal and look down. There she was with her head to my knees. She stood up all by herself. She hasn't done it since on her own, but will with some help. She's been a little crabbier lately. I'm assuming this is all from this new developmental stage. She still has no teeth, but Vida says they will come in about two weeks. So far, she has not been wrong with all the other predictions.

On Fourth of July, we hung out with some neighbors. We went down the street to a neighbors deck and watched the fireworks shooting off of San Clemente Pier. We kept Isabella up since we had no babysitter. She loved them. At first I wasn't sure if she'd be able to see them, but she stared in awe. She would look at the fireworks and look back at us.

She's finally says "dada" or "daDDD" intentionally. She'll say it to get Ed's attention, but also in a string of "daddduh" like a song. She only says "mommuh" when she's tired and reaching for me. But it definitely seems like she knows when to say and and to whom. She's been reaching for me a lot more than daddy lately. Ed's been acting bummed, but I think he secretly enjoys it because that means he gets to sit around.

Here are some pictures from last weekend at the beach. She loved crawling through the sand. She's never been one to put things in her mouth, but lately she's been curious about everything. She loves putting sand in her mouth. Another fun find...sand in the craziest places. I remember when I was young I would find sand everywhere. She hated the ocean. We'd walk her out to the waves and as we got closer she would hold on tighter and try to climb up our bodies.


TheCallFamily said...

Our babies are growing up too fast!

Hey I started a blog on here for our family too! Check it out! I put a link to yours on mine so I can get to it to read it easily. Hope you don't mind.

LydiaK said...

I love it. I'll add it to my links. I love blogging. I wish everyone I knew was doing it so I can see what everyone is doing and see all those fabulous pictures!

TheCallFamily said...

I know what you mean, its a fun way to keep up with people you don't get to see often enough or much at all.

Christine said...

Okay...I think it's time for another blog entry...this one's been here forever!