Old photos

Friday, June 06, 2008

I found some photos from my trip to China in April.

Hong Kong was amazing. It's such an international affair with many, many high-end shopping plazas that run underground. In fact, it was so humid outside that all you needed to do was step inside a mall and walk underground to get to your destination.

I wasn't prepared for how humid and warm it was. Almost no point in doing the hair. I, sadly, killed my hair straightener while trying to plug it into my converter. A no-no and I should know better.

What I loved most about Hong Kong was the mixture of sophistication and culture. It reminded me much of New York city. It's a cramped city full of local businesses, bustling streets, high-end stores, high rises, hotels, financial institutions surrounded by water and beautiful landscapes. At night the buildings lite up the muggy air. Every night they offered a "light show". The buildings lights lite up coordinated to music with laser beams off the top. We went to Hong Kong Island to explore and ended up going for a hike. It was very serene.

I was only in Shanghai for two days so it didn't allow for much exploration. The weather was much cooler, which was a relief. There were a few great hot spots, but they all seemed far away from each other. The city is much bigger and spreads out. I didn't take too many pictures in Shanghai. There were several malls and street businesses selling counterfeit. I found counterfeit Burberry, Prada, LV, Chanel, Oakley, Apple (not sure if how that works), Bluetooth products, Seven jeans...everything. Absolutely crazy. I couldn't bring myself to buy anything fake for myself. One, I have no idea how to tell the difference and two, I just didn't want to contribute to it. We did find this neat shopping plaza.

I would definitely go back to Hong Kong for leisure. The food was great, but boy was I anxious to get back home. After the 10 day business trip I didn't want to eat Chinese food for a while...well for at least a week. Lol.