101 Degrees Outside

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last weekend was atrocious. It got as high as 101 degrees in LA. The evenings dipped slightly to 85 degrees. I felt like I was in the desert. It was awful, unbearable weekend. We couldn't turn on our air conditioning for several reasons. All the thermostats are disconnected and there is so much dust and junk it wouldn't have been smart.

Here are a few photo updates on the house:

The first phase - took out one main wall and two smaller walls surrounding the fireplace.

We also added a new window to bring more light into the space. We will be adding wood beams (as you can see the sample on the ceiling), canned lighting and ceiling fans.

The second phase - ripped out the existing tile flooring and pulled off the dry wall to prep for new doors and windows.

Third phase - begin prepping to remove the soffit (lowered ceiling above the kitchen) to follow the vaulted ceiling from the dining room.

And today, they removed most of the insulation and two upper cabinets. We already approved the design and layout of our new kitchen so the cabinets are being made as we speak. I hope this goes smoothly...because I only have 8 weeks until my estimated delivery date.

On Saturday, we spent most of the time in the air conditioned car running errands in Orange County. We decided to visit the Long Beach Aquarium to get out of the heat...along with several hundreds of families. It was so packed the place hardly felt air conditioned. I had never been there before. It's a nice aquarium. Isabella's a little young still, but she enjoyed looking at all the "fishies" and seeing the sea lions. She liked see the little sting rays until daddy reached out and touched one. That freaked her out a little.

On Sunday, Isabella was battling a little fever from the heat. Poor thing was just out of it. Christine came over and we spent the afternoon on 3rd Street in Santa Monica to enjoy the cooler temperature. Of course, I forgot to take pictures.


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