This Little Piggy...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Isabella is such the piggy. She'll eat everything in sight and more. At daycare, they tell us how much food she wants to eat. She has breakfast, lunch and dinner at daycare during the week. Then when she comes home she wants to eat some more. Ed and I have stopped eating dinner until after we put her down at 8pm just so she doesn't over eat. And she still asks for food.

Some of her favorites snacks are bagel with cream cheese, nectarine, tangerines, Cherrios and crackers. But she doesn't limit herself to those only. She'll eat anything.

In the video, you can see she can't even be bothered by anything around her.

A few other videos.

She loves to dance and play music. Not sure why she got so shy.


Ratdog said...

She looks like a little girl now... no more baby.

Ash likes to eat whole things too. He hates when we cut stuff up.

Can't wait to see you guys!