4th of July

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unlike most people, we went to the desert to spend our 4th of July. It was a sweltering 108 degrees of extreme dry heat, but we were happy as can be. We rented a great house in the Twin Palms area of Palm Springs. It had the best amenities to make us happy all day long. We found them through Craigslist, but they also list through VRBO and all the other vacation rental sites. I would recommend this house to anyone.

pool - check
misters - check
air conditioning - check
sound system - check
privacy - check

We had so much fun all day in the pool. And believe it or not, we even used the jacuzzi with the heat set at 98 degrees. It was a nice vacay.

We kept Isabella up for the fireworks, which we were able to see from the deck of the house. Isabella was too scared to come outside to watch, but she cheered on.

We just started feeding Ethan Cheerios and Isabella loves being the helpful big sis by feeding Ethan. Of course, Ethan never rejects her many, many offerings.


Ratdog said...

OMG. So cute!! The rental looks amazing! Can't wait to see you guys!