Izzy's First Boy-Friend

Friday, July 31, 2009

Isabella's been at the same Russian family daycare for a little more than a year now. Being that she is half Russian, we really liked the idea of her picking up on Russian at a early age. But we wonder how much good this environment is for her. She speaks less Russian than she speaks as a Russian FOB! But I digress.

From the very first day she made friends with a Russian boy named Sacha. They are the same age, but developmentally quite a but apart. He's still not speaking coherently in either English or Russian. Everyday I ask Isabella about her day and who she played with. Our conversation goes something like this:

Me: How was your day?
Isabella: Good

Me: What did you do today?
Isabella: I play with Sachik, Wiolet (Violet), Ben...who else? Uh...teacher, Noya, and Ethan. Ethan is brown skin.
(Ethan is a cute African-American boy in her class. She has never before remarked about the color of his skin until recently. Sacha's Russian nickname is Sachik, like Ed's is Edik. Isabella's is Isabelka or Isabelitchka. And I think mine would be Lyditchka.)

Me: What else did you do?
Isabella: Noya cry. She get time-out.

Me: Why did she get a time-out?
Isabella: Because she hit me she get time-out.

And so goes our daily conversation. On Wednesday when I dropped off the kids, Sacha and his mom pulled up behind me. Isabella gets out of the car and screams, "Sachik, I like Sachik!" She runs out and they run to each other an both ye out each other's name. When they meet they hug and kiss. It was the most adorable thing ever! His mom and I laughed as they embraced.

She's too young to understand the concept of boyfriend/girlfriend. So Sacha is just a boy-friend.