Franklin Canyon Park

Monday, November 02, 2009

I grew up in Orange County near the Ralph B Clark Park, formerly Los Coyotes Park. It's a huge park with several playgrounds, grassy areas and ponds with ducks. I fond memories of feeding the ducks and wanted my kids to experience the same thing. I looked up nearby parks with lakes/ponds and found one not too far away.

Franklin Canyon Park is at the north end of Beverly Hills. What a surprising spot. It's nothing like the other parks in LA. It promotes the back-to-nature feel. There's plenty of parking. There aren't any playgrounds. It's more of grassy areas, hiking trails and ponds. The entire area surrounds a beautiful reservoir. And I found my ducks. We brought some stale bread with us not knowing we were not allowed to feed the ducks. Oops. They seemed used to the feeding so I assume others must have done the same, even with the signs everywhere.

Ethan starting "roaring" a while ago, but hanging out the ducks I noticed he sounds more like them than a lion.