Ringing in the New Year - Hello 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ed and I went to a neighbors house for New Years. That's the best kind of set up. Two houses over. No driving. Love it.

For New Year's weekend we spent it with Merah and Chris in Chris' fabulous Palm Springs pad. The weather was perfect. We even got in the pool.

We took the kids to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. It was awesome and the weather was just perfect for it. Isabella saw the giraffes and said, "Mommy, look it's Melman. But he doesn't talk."

Talk about wild life, Ed and I were watching the ostrich and noticed some weird behavior. One of the ostrich was fan his wings side to side. I thought he was dancing. He did it for a few minutes and then jumped on another ostrich! We saw them fornicate!!! Ewwww....Wasn't quite fast enough to capture it with the camera. It probably would have been too graphic anyhow. If you look closely, you'll see a cig in the ostrich's mouth...just kidding.

We were surprised at how brave Isabella was to pet the goats considering how she freaked out with Susan and Michael's dog (we still feel pretty bad about that. Sorry Susan and Michael for putting your dog outside).


Ratdog said...

Chris' pool looks huge and so welcoming!! Hint hint... j/k

No worries on the dog. Bygones.