President's Day Play Date

Friday, March 19, 2010

I took the day off of work to take care of the kids on President's Day. A friends from my mom's group invited us to a play date at the Little Barn in Downtown LA. Cute little place, emphasis on little (I didn't take any pics of the main room). But it's enough for my kids. Izzy loved the ball room and slowly built up enough courage to jump in.

PS. Occasionally the Little Barn sends out emails about openings on the weekends. Most indoor playgrounds are closed over the weekends to accommodate for private parties. This is such an annoyance to us working parents that want to take kids out on a rainy day or if you have a little one that's just learning to walk. We need more indoor play spaces open on the weekends!

Note to self: when you have two little kids eating ice cream it works out a lot better if they get the same thing. Izzy got Dreyer's Dibs and Nate got an ice cream cone. As you can see in the picture they ended up switching and wanting to switch several times.