*Muah* to the Rice Family

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A few weeks ago I had this conversation with Izzy.

Isabella: Mommy, I want to swim in Asher's pool. Can we go to Asher's house to swim?
Me: Asher lives far away. We'd have to take a plane to get there. But maybe we can go to Chris' house in Palm Springs.

Then today she says this:

Isabella: Mommy, I miss Asher. Can we go to see him?
Me: I miss him too.

Isabella: We would have to ride a plane, right?
Me: Yes

Isabella: They live far away, right mommy?
Me: Yes

Isabella: Where do they live?
Me: [hmm...] Massachusetts

Isabella: [confused look on her face]


Ratdog said...

Ah man... bringing tears to my eyes! :(