Bye-Bye Umbilical Cord

Friday, September 22, 2006

Izzy's umbilical cord has been getting looser and looser hanging on by one little piece. We've been using rubbing alcohol trying to dry it out to speed up the process. After Thursday mornings feeding, Ed came in to change her diaper. The next thing I hear is Ed say "oh no!" in a panicked voice. I look up and there is Ed standing with Izzy's umbilical cord in his hand. In an effort to pull up the diaper he looked away and accidentally pulled on Izzy's cord instead. Don't freak out. It didn't hurt her. She was fine as if nothing had happened. Later that day it started to bleed a little. Today it looks fine. The scab has gone and I think she is near ready for her first bath in the tub.

And no, we are not going to be saving her umbilical cord. It went in the trash along with all her poopy diapers.


Jennifer Call said...

Ha ha thats too funny, we did the same thing with both of our boys-into the trash!!!!