Family tidings

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This weekend we had family over to visit Izzy. Saturday, she was greeted by Auntie Ann and grandma Chung, grandpa Chung and grandma, aka "Baba", Kremer. Baba will be staying with us for two weeks helping us new parents get adjusted. I could use the extra zzz's.

On Sunday, Merah and Jack came over to meet Izzy for the first time. Jack is Izzy's eight year old cousin. On the way over, he told Merah that he was going to teach Izzy how to play baseball. He was so cute with Izzy. He kepting asking to hold her, push her stroller and gave her tons of kisses. He even asked Merah for a baby brother or sister...she had fun addressing that one.

We took Isabella for her first walk outdoors. We walked along the bluff in San Clemente. Merah took some of the cutest pictures.

Halfway through the walk Jack sat down in any shady areas to rest. And he's the youngest and most fit of us all.