Rotten Eggs

Friday, September 29, 2006

I was shocked last night to find my little 16 day old baby fartin' rotten eggs! How could this be? All she drinks is breastmilk. We were watching Grey's Anatomy last night when all of a sudden the room began to smell like the sulfuric pools at Yosemite. Maybe it's all the hummus I've been eating lately. I'm going to ditch the hummus from today's diet and see if she is less gassy. She gets very gassy at night and when she's gassy she gets a little fussy. Other than that she is a sweet and quiet baby.

I can't help but crack up all the time I hear this precious little thing tooting. I have a tootin' baby...just like daddy =)

I'm trying to get Isabella used to her crib for afternoon naps. And so far she is doing well in her crib. We call her a little houdini because she always manages to get her little hands out of her blanket. Of course my camera battery died so I had to capture her with my cellphone.


Ratdog said...

She really doesn't look asian at all, huh?

LydiaK said...

That's what people keep saying when they see her. Everyday that goes by people keep commenting on how she looks more and more like Ed. I don't see it yet. I'm afraid people will think I stole her because she really doesn't look very asian and of course she still has her baby slate-blue eyes. I hear it can take up to a year to develop their true eye color.