To grandmother's house we go...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yesterday we drove out to my parents house so Izzy could spend some time at Grandma and Grandpa's. She loved it. She was awake and alert most of the afternoon. My mom says she looks more and more like Ed, especially in the eyes and forehead. I have to agree. She has his big round eyes.

Now with my parents retirement it's nice to see them more relaxed and enjoying life. My mom has been so helpful taking Izzy off my hands every opportunity she can. It's great to see her so involved. Their house is very relaxing I can't wait to go back when they return from their visit to see their other grandson, Asher.

Izzy: someone's got to tell grandma that
something is attacking her head.

Izzy: Those shiny things hanging from the trees are so mesmerizing.

Side note: my dad built this great coy pond in his backyard with at least 20 fish. He also put two nets over; the first is to keep the leaves out and the second is to keep the hawk out. He also has "decorated" the tree with CD's to keep the hawk away from the fish. Apparently, several fish have been devoured by this hawk. Who knew there were hawks in Garden Grove.

More pictures with grandma and grandpa...


Christine said...

Hawks in Garden Grove??? Seriously?