She's a month old

Friday, October 13, 2006

Yesterday marked Isabella's one month milestone. This past week has been a roller coaster. She is much more alert throughout the day; I just wish she weren't fussy the entire time. Anytime she is awake she is kicking around, grunting, crying and wanting to be held and comforted. As I'm researching online, I begin to self diagnose her discomfort. I think it may be my diet. Many asian babies are intolerant of the proteins in cow's milk. On Sunday, we noticed a rash developing on her face and it seemed to spread to her cheeks and ears. So as of now I've cut out all dairy products to see if she is more comfortable.

Her fussiness seems to get worse and worse at night. As a new mom, I of course make the first appointment I can with the doctor. Well, the visit was yesterday and the good news is that she now weighs 9lbs. 11oz. (with her clothes and diaper on). So I know she is feeding well!!! The bad news...the doctor has no explanation for the rash. And he doesn't comfort me much with her fussiness other than to say that it is normal (not something a new mom wants to hear; no...we want to hear that the doctor is concerned, looking into the problem and finds a cure!) Well, gotta run...the baby calls.


Jennifer Call said...

Just so you know its normal, this is about the same age that Chase did the same thing and it was always worse between 6-11pm, not that whole time but ech day somewhere within those hours he'd scream for a long time. Read up about colic and even if it isn't colic some of the suggestions may still help calm her. Try the "Gentle Naturals Tummy Soother" which I found at Walgreens or you can look for "Gripe Water" which you give baby and "Fenugreek tea" which you drink and it comes through in your milk. All of these are excellent, it does get better though. Chase will be two months friday and he has gotten much happier. Also I have heard a great book is "The happiest baby on the block." I belong to a group on for moms with babies born in July, August, and September and they are excellent. If you'd like more moms to chat with about everything I can give you the info and you can check it out. I have been a part of it since we were all pregnant and now all new moms. They are helpful, supportful, and the least judgemental-drama-free group of girls.

Jennifer call said...

Supportful? Thats what I get for typing with a baby in one hand, I mean supportive!