Last minute trip

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Isabella and I went to visit Merah and Jack on Saturday. We ended up spending the night unexpectedly. I was too tired to drive home from LA and didn't want to take a chance. Jack made a make-shift bassinet out of a laundry basket. He ended up rigging it with a whip and dragging her around the house. She loved it. She spent most of the evening on her back as Jack took her for a tour of the house. I decided to let her sleep with me in the guest bedroom. She kept me awake most of the night kicking, squirming and crying. At 5AM I couldn't take it anymore so I put her in the laundry basket where she slept soundly until 9AM. Lol, it was pretty funny because she's actually too long for it. The pillow actually gives her leverage enough to make her more diagonal so she can fit. She didn't seem to mind. I should have put her there earlier.

We went to Jack's baseball tryout to join the minor league. The coach said that he's as good as the other 9 year olds and would be drafted for the minors. And he's only 8. How cute is that. All the "managers" that were watching kept asking about him. Goofy Jack tried out wearing that jacket. We tried to get it off of him, but he's so stinkin stubborn.

On the way there Isabella was forced into a nap with her hat that also doubles as a blindfold. This has happened once before and Ed and I decided to leave it on. Why wake a sleeping baby?

Isabella has begun teething this last week. She's not only super drooly and shoving both her hands in her mouth, but now she's been gumming a lot lately. She acts like she's chewing the air. I bought her a teething ring and it seems to soothe her. The problem with teething...she doesn't want to sleep. This is her tonight past her bedtime wide awake and wanting to play.


Jennifer Call said...

The hat/blindfold thing is the funniest thing ever, and the laundry basket...too much!

Those are the things that will make great memories years from now!!!