Love the Apple store

Sunday, January 07, 2007

So, my computer has broken down twice now and my Powerbook is only a year old. We sent it in twice and the last time they returned it without doing much. They didn't see any problems with the laptop. We brought it home and of course it wasn't working again. So Ed talked to the store manager and he said to bring it in again and he'd take care of it. Well, he traded our G4 Powerbook for the new MacBook Pro. This new laptop is awesome!!!! It's super fast and has the glossy screen. The laptop has a built in camera so we turned in our iSight external camera and got a backup system instead. I haven't had time to play with the new computer, but let's just say that we have renewed our faith in Apple and will be Apple customers for life.

So I can finally post pictures from Christmas. It's a little anti-climatic now, but I know Deda and Baba have been waiting for them for a while now so here they are.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

Jack and Merah got a new PS2 guitar game and brought it over to play. Ed had so much fun with it. He was such a "rock star." Merah and I had a band named "Meme 2 da BeBe."

(Ed and) I got Isabella a Bumbo seat. (I have to include Ed or else he might feel left out. He actually "gave" her money in her 529 college fund that was started by Ed's parents. Thanks Eva and Leo!) She sits in it so well. Definitely gives her a new perspective on the world. After Christmas she sat on the dinner table and became our centerpiece as we ate breakfast the next day. Merah got her the hat and booties. Doesn't she look so cute?

Jack helped out with bathtime. What a great cousin he is.

And last, a little daddy time to end the holiday chaos.

Before I sign out I have to add how much Isabella has grown. Since starting day care she has become much more vocal. She now has full range of her voice. Sometimes I can't tell if she's yelling because she's upset or because she just found her voice and likes to hear it. When I have more time I will post a new video of her talking. Until then, these pics were taken today. Notice how Ed always manages to get his head in the pics.


Christine said...

Oh she's gotten so big! I have to come and visit, I feel like I'm missing too much!

Jennifer Call said...

Soo cute, Chase got a bumbo for Christmas as well. His is blue! He is a bit of a chubber though so we'll see how long he fits in it.

We too are huge Apple fans. Its actually Shane(my 5 year olds) favorite store to viit at the mall! He loves the little kiddy section with the computer games to play!!!! He always says "Lets go to the Apple store!" and people are like "Whats the Apple store?" Then we have to explain its the computer store!!!! Steve bought me a Ipod shuffle recently and its so cute and little and easy to use, he got a new nano for his birthday in October!!!

LydiaK said...

Jennifer, did you hear about the new Apple iPhone? I want it! At least I think I want it. I'll have to check it out in person when it comes out in June. I can't believe a little 5 year old already has fallen in love with this store. They are doing something right to have such a diverse audience.

Jennifer Call said...

I did actually the other day, hubby was checking it out online and was like "Oh thats so cool!" Sucks though, we have t-mobile but maybe they'll have them for that carrier too eventually. I think it said only with Cingular. It very small too, ya know they always come out with the next thing right after you try to catch up with technology!