End of Day Two

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Surprisingly I am really glad to be back at work. The morning of my first day I felt like it was my first day for school. I was so nervous. But after a few hours it was like I never left. As expected I had many well-wishers that asked me how I was doing. And not to sound like a bad mommy, but I was doing great. I enjoyed the adult interaction. I didn't think too much about Isabella, probably knowing that if I did I would be sad. Ed was so much more nervous about her being in daycare. We picked her up and all was good. She slept "like a baby" when we put her down for bed last night. I forgot to take a picture of her when we dropped her off, but got a quick snap when we picked her up. Ed was rushing me to leave the daycare so it's not the best picture. I still don't have my computer so I downloaded these pictures on my work computer. (I just now realized the little toddler's booty in the picture below, lol, no wonder she got a funny look on her face.)

Last Friday, Ed and I went to CHOC hospital to meet Pearl and Tom's baby, Cammie. She is just the tiniest peanut weighing all of 1 lb and 13 oz. She is so precious, danty and delicate, but you can already see some resemblances to her dad. We wish her well as she starts to bulk up and grow stronger. She already is a fighter.

We all went to CPK and had lunch. Izzy was a little crabby, but managed to take a quick catnap on Ed's shoulder.