I finally did it...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I almost forgot to share that I got Lasik two weeks ago. Yeah. It is incredible to wake up and not have to search for my glasses. I still find myself getting ready for bed and routinely getting my contact stuff out. The first week after Lasik it was a little strange to get used to. My eyes were so dry it created a haze or film over my eyes. It was hard to tell if it was my dry eyes or if the operation wasn't as successful as I had hoped (and payed for). But now, everything looks so good. I finally got over my anxiety of not wearing makeup to work. When you have no choice, you aren't left with much to worry about.

I have my check up next week, so let's hope that all turns out well. Cause after that Ed and I are off to the Maldives! Woohoo!!!! Let the countdown begin. We have exactly one week to go before take off.


Jennifer Call said...

That's awesome, no more glasses!

Your upcoming vacation sounds amazing!

Long time no talk! How are you? Our babies need to meet!

LydiaK said...

Jennifer, what's been going on in your household??? Did you change your blog address? I just went on and didn't see anything but a family photo. I don't get on MySpace very much either. Let me know how to reach you. I don't have a direct email address for you.

Jennifer Call said...

Hey Lydia,

I didn't change blog addresses... Oh I know what it is I made it friends only so I have to have you added as a friend to see the posts. Did you create a log in on that sight? I could add your id if you did.

My email is jennifermcall@yahoo.com
and my cell is 310-895-4445

Not to much super exciting going on, just getting ready for school to get out for Shane, keep him busy for the summer and such. He will have summer school and we are going up to Seattle for the 4th of July. Chase is getting huge, he's ver 26 lbs now! Shane is only 37 lbs. I have two polar opposites for kids as far as size goes.