Food Poisoning Sucks

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Okay, I just need a little sympathy. I was sick as a dog on Sunday night after eating some Pick Up Stix's House Special Beef and Kung Pao Shrimp, and a single (and not even a full glass) of red wine. I have been taking antibiotics for an sinus infection, which combined with the wine may have done it, but not to this extent. I've had food poisoning a few times before of all grades. And this one was almost as high as the time I ate bad, I mean really bad oysters in D.C. There were times when I thought I slept an hour stretch, but then ran to the bathroom only to find that it was 7 minutes later since my last visit. Okay, enough of the graphic details. Food poisoning sucks! On the positive side, since Ed's been out of town Isabella's been waking up every hour at night. Well, she decided to give mommy break on this night. She didn't wake up once! Go figure. But alas, it didn't last long. She woke twice last night.