Bye-Bye Vida

Monday, January 28, 2008

Today, I told Vida that we are moving to LA. It was so sad to break the news. She has been the best daycare provider for Isabella ever!!! I wish I could take her with me. Her whole family has been family to Isabella. I know she will truly miss Vida and all the kids she plays with daily.

I remember the first interview I did with a daycare provider, I cried when I got home. Granted I was a bit hormonal, it still didn't feel right. When I met Vida I knew instantly. She is warm, friendly and has a nurturing way about her.

But now I'm desperately looking for a nanny to take care of the most precious person in our lives. If you have any connections with reliable, patient, fun, and happy nannies who love what they do in the LA area or are willing to live-in, please let me know! The process is excruciating. I have received so many responses, but I don't know if any are right for us. Please help me!


Christine said...

Oh me back home, pay for my moving expenses, and give me a wing in the crazy celebrity home you have, and I'll take the job. I require full benefits, 15% 401k matching that is vested from day one, and a constant supply of Daphne's Greek food at all times.