Where in the World... Part One

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where in the world are the Kremers? Well first off let me say...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

That's about how long it has been. We have so much to tell. Life in the Kremer household has been turned upside down this holiday.

First my best friend Christine flew in from Philadelphia just to spend Christmas with us...just kidding. She also made it her usual "see everyone" trip. She got Isabella the cutest sleeveless hooded jacket and a very cute outfit. Of course, she had to put it on her right away.

We had a blended Christmas this year. Ed's extended family, the Tewfiks, from New Jersey spent Christmas with my family. It was one full house. Even Ed's cousin Madeline from Northern Cal came over on Christmas Eve. Ed was so happy to see all his cousins in one house together. Jack had so much fun with Ed's cousins Alex, Daniel and his girlfriend, Kelly.

Poor Anna hadn't quite adjusted to the time change. (please don't kill me for posting this.)

Christmas morning and the opening of our presents made for a tough challenge so we each opened our presents at the same time. It went so quickly, I hardly remembered who's present I was opening.

Isabella got the cutest outfits. We had to put them on her right away. This cute stripe knit dress was from Auntie Ann. I love it. Isabella also got her first doll. She calls it "baby" and has learned how to feed her food and a bottle. I got an awesome All-Clad Slow Cooker. This is the mac daddy of all slow cookers. I haven't taken it out for a spin yet, but am planning the meal carefully. I also got a waffle maker and used it the very next day. I froze the left overs which were eaten the day after. I'm such a gadget girl. Ed got a cool wine chiller that chills the any wine to the perfect temperature. And I got him a silly paper shredder...he (we) really needed one.

Before dinner there was a friendly game of Pictionary. Glad I didn't play. It looked tough. Instead Merah, Ann and I were cooking up a storm. This year I did a repeat. I made Rosemary-Thyme encrusted Rib Roast. I made it several years ago and received a standing ovation from my dad. So I figured why stress it? Merah gave me this fantastically easy chicken recipe, Foolproof Grilled Chicken. Simple recipe that includes brining the chicken overnight. It was moist and tender. So yummy I want some now.

We had a chill New Year's Eve at the house. Pretty uneventful. Especially considering Ed, Wadeed, and Anna took "naps" before the countdown. On New Year's Day we went to the Salt Creek Beach and the Ritz Carlton. The sunset was amazing. Gorgeous red streaks in the sky.


Christine said...

The outfit that your sister got is so cute! And now that you have a slow cooker too...you have to post any good recipes that you get. I have a slow cooker recipe book, but since it's one of those healthy ones, it's not that great.