San Clemente Home for Rent

Monday, January 28, 2008

We are currently trying to rent our house. We have placed ads on Craigslist and signed up with Top Dog Leasing. We are looking for long-term renters who will treat our house like a home. We spent time and money upgrading it in every way possible. If you know of anyone, please forward them my email (

We are on the southwest side of San Clemente about 7 blocks from the beach (Riviera Beach). It is in the ideal neighborhood about 1.5 miles south from downtown San Clemente.

It is a quaint 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home with formal office, living room, family room, spacious foyer, and loft.


Christine said...

I remember when you first moved into this house...when there was no color on the walls...when I used to practically live there...ah I will miss this house. Now you're going to be in Hell-A and I'll have to stay inside all day because I hate it there. Oh well, looks like we'll have to just hang in the big beautiful house and hang in the backyard with binoculars and spy on Johnny Knoxville's cute butt. Ho hum.