Into the Wild

Friday, August 15, 2008

LA is still new to us. It's strange how close we are to the city yet we're distant enough to experience the wildlife in our backyard. This summer, we realized we are not alone. Late at night, we hear the cries of a pack of coyotes. It is the eeriest sound when you have so many coyotes yipping to mark their territories. The sound echos in the valley of our hills and surrounds our house. The first time I heard it I freaked out and woke Ed up. At first I couldn't recognize the sound. I suddenly had a flashback to a scene in "I Am Legend" where Will Smith is in the dark building looking for his dog and all the mutants come out to feed off him.

Now, I've gotten somewhat used to the sounds, but they still freak me out. I keep telling myself to record it, but forget. So, I found a sound that is similar. Click on number 6. Coyote Group and that sums up what we hear late at night.

Last weekend, we took Isabella for a walk around Lake Hollywood. It's a nice long walk around a reservoir built to put out fires in the hills. On our walk we spotted two wild deers. They were beautiful. It still amazes Ed to be in the city and yet to have such wildlife around us.


Christine said...

Singular = Deer
Plural = Deer

I know, it's annoying...but I needed to say it.

Lydia said...

You're right. That was annoying.