Kidspace Children's Museum

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We took Isabella to the Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena today to get out of the house and take Isabella somewhere fun before the new baby arrives. They have a lot of indoor and outdoor spaces for kids of all ages. It was pretty fun for everyone. It's funny watching toddlers Isabella's age play. They still don't really play with one another. They just do their own thing. Although at some point they all decided to stand in line and go down the slide in an orderly manner. I forgot to take pictures of that.

It's a large facility with an outdoor theater, several play areas, garden and a water play area with a water fall. We got right in the creek and walked around. In the main courtyard was what they called "Splash Dance Fountain". All the kids would get close up and try to touch the light in the center and out would pop a spring of water. Isabella was caught by surprise as were many other kids around her.

Isabella got on a tricycle for the first time. She didn't know how to peddle, but certainly looked cute with the helmet on.

We had lunch in Old Town Pasadena and walked the streets before heading home. Back at home our kitchen cabinets are being installed so we wanted to take our time heading home. On the way back, we decided to stop by Griffith Park to check out the Merry Go Round.

She was so excited watching the Merry Go Round. Once we got on she grew quiet, but very alert. We weren't sure if she was scared, happy or about the throw up.

It was a pretty fun day. I think Isabella had a great time with mommy and daddy. Tomorrow will be another big day. We are scheduled for an induction at 7am. Wish us luck!


Call Family said...

Oh man-we missed a encounter with you guys as we have a gift card for that museum from Christmas and I had totally thought about going yesterday and then we didn't. Now I'm bummed we didn't make it. Sounds fun though-I'm thinking my kids will LOVE the water play area and Shane will be on the bikes for hours if I let him.

Good luck with the delivery-I'll have you in my thoughts and hope all goes well will the new little one! Get ready-two is a whole new league!!!