Isabella's 1st Christmas

Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's finally over. This year we decided to "host" Christmas mostly because it's so hard putting Isabella to sleep at other people's houses. She hardly sleeps during the day as it is. My sister and nephew, Merah and Jack, spent the weekend with us. Merah did most of the cooking and took care of Isabella a great deal too. Thank goodness for family. It was like taking a vacation from holding Isabella all weekend long. I got to play with her, look at her, but didn't have her attached to me 24/7. Jack is such a great cousin. Even though he is 8 years older he loves taking care of her. He was so tender and loving. He took her to her play gym, gave her a tour of the house countless times, helped with bathtime. If only he knew how to change diapers...maybe we can work on that one. After a few short days he learned very quickly what she did and did not like. On Christmas day, he told grandpa how to make her happy. "No grandpa, she likes to walk around the house."

I feel terrible that I didn't take many family shots this year. My computer is down...AGAIN. And all of my pictures are on it. I will post them when it gets fixed. I start work next Tuesday. I have constant mixed feelings about it. One day I feel great about returning and the next I am dreading it. I feel pretty sure that I will cry on the first day. My goal is to put my mind on work and leave it there when I leave for home. That's one of our pet peeves. For the past 6 years (for Ed it's been 8 years), Ed and I lived and breathed Oakley. Well, those days are no more. We now have committed to living for ourselves and our new family, sorry Oakley.

My friend, Pearl, had her baby girl on December 14th by C-Section. Her baby arrived at the start of her 28th week of pregnancy. Her baby is at CHOC hospital in Orange. She was born 1 lb and 13 oz. Though she dropped a five ounces, she is back to her birth weight which is terrific. Her and Tom named her Cammie Noelle. Ed and I are going to meet the little miracle tomorrow. What's with all the early births lately?

On Isabella's development
This past week has been huge in her development. She went from batting at her toys in the play gym to now grabbing them. She will hold objects that are put in front of her. On Christmas morning she started talking a great deal more than usual. I love hearing her little voice. It sounds so animated. She's so fascinated by everything and easily distracted, which has proven to be frustrating when she's supposed to be eating. I'm hoping this phase will quickly pass.

Pictures to come. Sit tight.


Christine said...

Pictures Please. I've been a bad auntie by not coming by...but I've been sick all week so in essence, I'm really protecting little Izzy. :)

LydiaK said...

No worries! I've been feeling like a bad friend for not wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!! I'd post pictures by my computer is still at Apple and it has all my Christmas pictures. Merah gave me the cutest pic that she took of Izzy in her new little hat and booties. Ugh...there were such cute pics too.