Fun day

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I took Isabella to the pool club today and we had such a fun time. She loved "swimming" and watching all the big kids.

Later I took her to the park. She absolutely loves the swing. When I tried to take her out she started crying so I put her back in. We went down the slide and played in the sand.

She's starting to have temper tantrums. Not like an older toddler, but she gets more vocal when she's frustrated. I've seen other babies when she was younger begin to demonstrated frustration much earlier than her. She was always so content. Now she's starting to show when she's frustrated with something not working the way she wanted it to. For instance, she's been teething so she hasn't wanted to eat finger food as much. She started screaming until I gave her soup, which she slurped right up. Then she was playing with those rings that you stack onto a pole and when one wasn't stacking properly she started to get frustrated. So far, it's been tolerable, but I'm trying not to encourage it and to calm her down. Hopefully, she won't turn into one of "those" kids.

Here are some more videos from today:

She's definitely one of us; she loves eating cheese.

I finally caught her saying "mama" sort of. I couldn't get the camera fast enough.

More pictures: