Saturday, September 29, 2007

Isabella loves to grab my cell phone, put it up to her ear and say "Hello". Isabella has been at her daycare since she was four months old. She has such a good time there. I feel very happy that she has such a place to go. Alexander is a cute little boy that she has made friends with. He's four months older. She now loves to say his name, "Al-licsss." She also has another friend Alissa who is also a happa and is about three years old. Alissa loves Isabella. She always tells me stories of the day when I pick Isabella up. On Friday, she took one step with Vida. Bummed that I missed it. I think I will take her to the community pool tomorrow. I will definitely have to take pictures.


Call Family said...

Chase also loves phones, he uses pretty much anything as a phone and puts it up to his ear and says "HI, HI!" Its got to be one of the cutest things ever! I always laugh and say "That's not a phone" and he'll just giggle and say "HI" again with whatever it is-sticks, toys, or whatever he finds!

Oh and that Christmas counter freaks me out-its coming too fast!!!