When it rains it pours

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Isabella has been sick. What else is new? Babies get sick. She's had a fever of 102 come and go the last few weeks. Last Friday, Vida calls to come get her because she has a fever. I pick her up and take her home. I check her fever and it was 105.3 degrees!!! Under the instructions of the advice nurse I give her a tepid bath and give her baby Tylenol and manage to bring her fever down to 103 before taking her to urgent care. Thankfully her doctor was working urgent care. He describes a few scenarios to me without giving me an exact answer to why she's got this fever and what to do about it. While at the time I was a little baffled (but not surprised) with the doctor's response. But very happy he explained the scenarios because what was to come would have scared me. He said if once the fever breaks there is a possibility she will develop a rash over her entire body. If this is the case, she has Roseola. If the fever continued for two more days then we would have to put a catheter in to examine her urine for a possible bladder infection.

Saturday morning and her fever drops down to 100 and then quickly plummets to a cool 97.3. Ed has been in Paris for the week on business and flew in on Saturday in the afternoon. Isabella was so lethargic it was sad. All she wanted to do is climb in our arms and rest. She managed to make sad moaning sounds all day. All she would do is sleep and moan; she barely drank and refused food altogether.

Sunday morning and she gets a little more energy. Ed and I referred to these moments as "Moments of Clarity". They would last for 3-5 minutes and disappear and out would come fussy Isabella. Those moans now developed into screams. Anytime we would change her diaper she would scream with her feet clenched. We thought it may be a UTI or yeast infection. By early afternoon, we noticed her skin was looking a little blotchy. And then by early evening it was full blown red rash over her chest and back.

Monday morning it was covering her face and creeping down her legs. If the doctor hadn't warned me I would have freaked out!!! I had to take pictures.

I stayed home with her on Tuesday and took her to the doctors again for a possible yeast infection. It was confirmed. She has a terrible yeast infection and bacterial infection. Poor thing. The rash continues to fade.

At the sick visit, Isabella weighed in at 20 lbs. 8oz with clothes and diaper on. She measured about 29".


Ratdog said...

Oh so sad... that's what Asher had. I posted a pic of him, too.

BTW - Izzy is just so darn cute! Even with the rash...

Call Family said...

Awww...poor Isabella! Sick babies really sucks!

Lydia said...

Susan-I just looked back at your blog. I thought he had the hand and foot virus. Isn't it strange. How did they get Roseola? That part I can't figure out.