One Year Shots

Monday, September 17, 2007

Isabella had her one year doctor's visit. She cried when she saw the nurse and doctor. She definitely is going through a stranger anxiety. I hope it is short lived. They tested her iron level and it came out normal. She no longer needs iron supplements. She has three teeth growing out. Holding her down was harder this time around. She's so much stronger and more determined to get her way. She wailed the entire time for her three shots and iron test. Good thing it was pretty quick.

She weighs 20 lbs 4 oz. I looked it up on a website and she is in the 30th percentile. The doctor wrote it down but Isabella was crying so loud that I couldn't hear him.

She stands about 29.5 inches and is in the 60th percentile.

The doctor tells me that I should continue giving her the "next step" formula. He says many babies that drink milk drink too much and get too full for food. They end up heavy because of the fat in milk and not getting the nutrition they need. If I do choose to give her milk to limit her intake to 16 oz a day and feed her lots of food to get the iron she needs. We'll try the Enfamil Next Step for now and see how it goes. One thing is for sure, we need to feed her more regular food. I can start her on eggs now too. I will try to do that more. Ed and I eat so quickly at home that we usually do something like a salad for dinner. So this will be a good reason for us to eat real meals. Tonight she ate fresh, steamed carrots and sweet potatoes with jarred vegetable chicken. Slowly, we will move off of baby food.

On Isabella's Development:
She loves to talk and babble a string of syllables that sound like real words. She usually does it when she's playing on her own. Whenever people are around she quiets up. I love it when she says "meow". The face she makes is so funny. I caught it on video today.

She stands up without holding on to anything for longer periods of time. She'll even dance around without support.

Yesterday was the first day she sat facing forward. She loves it. And I love it. I turn back to see her and she starts to laugh.


Call Family said...

Chase also loves being forward facing...Can you blame them...I'd hate to be facing the back of a seat!!!

Christine said...

I watched this video 4 times in a row because it made ma laugh so hard. Aww...I'm even more bummed that I missed her birthday!

Lydia said...

We wish you could have been there too. Next time for sure. She's getting to a fun age that you won't want to miss out on.