Birthday Exchange

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Sunday we went to auntie Merah and cousin Jack's house for Jack and Isabella's belated birthday exchange. Isabella received an baby stroller that she loved in an instant.

This picture just cracks me up. We ran out of regular diapers so we put Isabella in training diapers. The back must not be as high as regular diapers so we got a little show.

We meant to go there for dinner but it turned into an overnight trip. I locked my only set of car keys in the back of my car - which I didn't realize until we were leaving at 9:30pm, well past Isabella's bedtime. We called Range Rover road-side assistance and AAA to come unlock it but to no avail. One of the tow truck drivers called for underground backup and he couldn't break into our car. How hard can it be? I'm thinking Gone in Sixty Seconds, but apparently these cars are impossible to break into. After all that trouble, the car had to be towed the next day to a dealer so they could take apart the trunk to get the keys. We were stuck stranded at Merah's all day Monday. Poor Isabella went to bed very late and had a hard time sleeping.


Ratdog said...

Is it just me or does Ethan look really tan already? Is it the lighting?

Lydia K said...

He's not as tan as in the picture, but his skin color is night and day different from Isabella. He definitely has more color in the face. His body is almost as light. I'm not sure why his face is tanner than the rest of him. At birth the nurses say that he had a lot of red blood cells and is a reason why he had so much color at the time. Aside from his coloring and short limbs, he's a spitting image of Ed.

Christine said...

Ethan's outfit is from Auntie Christine! Auntie Christine bought that outfit that Ethan's wearing!!!

Call Family said...

Wow-its amazing how quickly they start changing.

Glad to hear you finally got into your car-wow what an ordeal!