To my honey

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday was our eight year wedding anniversary. It has been a busy year for us. It made me think about the early years when our life was simple - pre-babies, double mortgages and etc. And then I realized our life has never been simple. In our eight years we have accomplished so much. Life has never been and never will be dull.

So here are a few moments that we captured.

I only wish we had captured more of it. So for the rest of our journey together, I will make more of an effort to catch them with the camera.

Love you lots.


Christine said...

I love it...I remember back when you guys were just time flies! Now with two adorable children!

Call Family said...

I must be feeling sappy-why else would these pictures be making me teary eyed!

You guys look so happy...isn't it amazing what life brings us:)