One step forward and two steps back

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So the regression has started. Isabella has shown some signs of jealousy and regression. At first it started out with the sad, puzzled look she'd give me when I had Ethan in my arms.

Then she cried when I would feed Ethan. When I brought Ethan into her daycare for her birthday she became sad and cried. Two weeks ago she started asking to sit on our laps. And last week she asked to drink her milk in our laps. When she got up on our laps she wanted to be cradled like a baby. And tonight, I found her hiding behind the microwave sucking on Ethan's pacifier.

I know this is only the beginning. Wait until Ethan becomes more demanding and needs more attention. Oh boy.


Christine said...

Auntie Christine bought Isabelly that dress! That dress is from Auntie Christine!

Christine said...

BTW, I've heard that behavior is common. Avery used to try to crawl into Mel's lap while she was feeding Megan. Also wanted to start drinking out of bottles again after moving onto sippy cups...I think they get over it, and it doesn't get worse. I think they just need to get used to being the older one...(said the girl w/ no kids).

Call Family said...

Well I hope for your sake that it doesn't get worse-only better. With Shane I tried to remember to take special time with just him and just give him lots of love and kisses. I also tried to involve him with being my helper with brother(ie:help get a diaper at diaper change time-help hold the bottle etc.) as much as I could. I think after awhile they just get used to them being around and kinda learn to ignore them so to speak. Its hard because she is so young still but I think you guys will figure it all out-maybe special outings with daddy or mommy to breakfast or things she likes that brother isn't old enough to do yet. My kids love going to Starbucks on Saturday morning with daddy for apple juice and this was started with just Shane and daddy before Chase was old enough to care and he has just recently started joining them now that he can tell us he wants to go to.

I'm always here if you want any suggestions-two kids is so much more than one at times!